Razer Teasing Entry Into The Smartphone Market

Razer Teases “Biggest Unveiling” for November 1, Could be a Phone

A report from a Hong Kong based tech company stated that they were working alongside Razer to develop "a mobile device tailored for its consumer base of hardcore gamers". It was a pocket gaming device that ran on Android Lollipop when it launched.

According to the teaser on the company's website, the product will be launched on November 1, with a tagline that reads "Watch for our biggest unveiling". Other than the date, the teaser only contains the word "Watch". That all lined up with Nextbit, the folks who put together the Robin smartphone, joining the Razer team back in January.

The teaser also shows a man holding a device to his face sitting against an image carousel background.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said a few weeks ago that his firm would introduce a smartphone before end of 2017. At the time, Razer kept quiet on what they had planned to do with the acquisition, but given Razer's heritage, it was nearly certain that they would somehow end up creating some sort of smartphone for gamers.

It also posted a similar tweet, with a link re-directing users to the company's website. How do you think the company lights up the phone, though?



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