Princess Nokia Claims She Threw the Soup at the L Train Racist

Princess Nokia's

"Although painful and humiliating we stood together and kicked this disgusting racist off the train so we could ride in peace away from him", she wrote.

Props to Princess Nokia for standing up to racism.

After swaying through the train and jumping up and down, the man tells annoyed commuters "Who cares?" and shouts incoherently about the First Amendment.

When Gothamist reported two days ago on a video of a racist twit berating L train riders, there was a bit of mystery to the story.

"I'm a lawyer. I went to NYU Law", he can be heard shouting at the start of the video filmed at the weekend.

"Say it again. This man is a racist". The incident occurred after the inebriated man got into a spat about personal space with some young black men, resulting in him yelling the n-word at them.

And that wasn't the first time she stood up for what was right.

Princess Nokia recently signed to Rough Trade Records and put out a deluxe edition of last year's 1992 mixtape featuring eight new songs.

"You can't push me and make it seem like I'm the aggressor", he says after the man left the train. "Everybody's going to know what a bigot you are".

Princess Nokia's voice can be heard addressing Lawson, until about the 1:45 mark in the video where she appears on camera as she douses Lawson with a cup full of soup, then physically kicks him out of the train at the Bedford Avenue stop while he continues to taunt her and the rest of the vehicle.

Bronx rapper Princess Nokia showed her savagery when she slapped a man who called her and a group of teenage boys the n-word on the subway in footage released yesterday.

Nokia, whose legal name is Destiny Frasqueri, tweeted her account of the incident early Wednesday morning. He later said he is seeking help after that "unfortunate video".

Nokia described how people came together to confront the man. According to the Gothamist, "he added that he was "not that sorry" about his behavior, because he 'enjoys getting a rise out of people'".



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