Prime Minister Netanyahu lobbies for Iraqi Kurds

Prime Minister Netanyahu lobbies for Iraqi Kurds

KRG leader Masoud Barzani, the party said, "refused to listen to our demands and those of Baghdad", leaving the Kurdish region "with another bad crisis".

Rosneft's press-service on October 20 said that the oil company and Iraqi Kurdistan had declared the launch of a project to operate an oil pipeline in the Kurdish autonomy.

People in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq voted on September 25 in a controversial referendum, amid rising tensions and worldwide opposition.

Netanyahu came out in favor of the Iraqi Kurd push for independence last month, ahead of a referendum there, one of the only world leaders to do so, and has since been lobbying others to prevent the Kurds from losing ground to the Iraqi Army, which retook the oil-rich Kirkuk region last week.

"We understand the hopes of the Kurdish people as it concerns their striving to strengthen their identity, their self-awareness", Lavrov said at a news conference with Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al Jaafari.

Lavrov said Russian Federation will not offer plans for settlement of the situation around Baghdad and Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan.

According to poll results announced by the KRG, nearly 93 percent voted in favor of independence.

"However, we believe it is right to implement these aspirations exclusively through dialogue with the government of Iraq, taking fully into account the importance that the Kurdish issue has on a regional scale and the need to avoid additional sources of instability in the region", he added, according to a Russian Foreign Ministry statement.

He said Russia was not closing its consulate in Erbil, the main city in the KRG, but said the mission was subordinate to the Russian embassy in Baghdad.



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