Pique offers to resign from Spain team amid violent Catalan referendum violence

Catalan leader calls for mediation in 'split' row

Clashes between voters and police were condemned by United Kingdom politicians, including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who tweeted: "I urge @theresa_may to appeal directly to Rajoy to end police violence in Catalonia & find political solution to this constitutional crisis". Despite their interference, almost three-quarters of the polling stations opened for the referendum on the independence of Catalonia and are working.

According to the publication, the prosecution expresses dissatisfaction with the regional authorities, that the Catalonian police "betrayed and the judges and prosecutors who believed that the instructions would be followed".

Madrid had warned Catalan separatist leaders they could not hold the vote in a region deeply divided over independence, stating it was illegal and courts had ruled it unconstitutional.

Elisa Arouca, who was waiting to vote outside the Estel school in central Barcelona, reacted with anger when national police agents yanked her and other prospective voters out of the way, then smashed open the door and confiscated ballot boxes.

And even though Barca strolled to a 3-0 win, Pique could not hide his indignation having voted himself before the match, and challenged critics of his pro-Catalan stance in the RFEF and national team.

Former Barcelona captain Xavi Hernandez also condemned the police action, in a video released on social media.

The Guardian has reported that 465 people have been injured in a citywide clash between police and voters on Sunday in Barcelona. The wealthy region has its own dialect and a history of silent opposition to Madrid's centralized government.

In Girona, riot police smashed there way into a polling station where Catalans leader was due to vote.

Over 400 are injured in Spain after police used force to try to prevent voting in Catalonia's independence referendum on Sunday.

Belgium's prime minister has called for political dialogue in Spain amid a police crackdown on voting during the Catalonia independence referendum.

Mr Bartomeu said police had guaranteed the safety of fans and everyone else involved in the match.

The city of Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and unfortunately, there is violence in the streets as protesters and militarized police clash.



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