New Overwatch Halloween Skins Have Leaked

1 of 4Symmetra's new Halloween 2017 skin

Check out what appear to be the new skins for Mei and Symmetra below.

You can check out all the new, leaked and returning Overwatch Halloween 2017 skins in the gallery below.

Blizzard has never been one to shy away from celebrating various festive occasions, and with Halloween around the corner, it looks like Overwatch players will have something to look forward to.

Halloween Terror 2017 begins in Overwatch October 10.

If Halloween Terror is anything like previous year, we're likely to see a return of Junkenstein's Revenge, a 4-player cooperative horde mode, pitting your group of heroes against endlessly spawning minions. Two of the ads show Zenyatta and another looks at the Reaper skin.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event was announced to be returning to the game in time for Halloween 2017 by Blizzard on Twitter just a few days ago in the tweet below.

Mei is dressed up as a jiangshi, the infamous Chinese hopping vampire, and so looks a lot like Hsien-ko from Darkstalkers. Given that we are now firmly in October, it is time for Blizzard to gear up its Halloween plans and thanks to some leaks, we already have a good idea of what to expect.

As previously mentioned, Overwatch's Halloween Terror Event 2017 starts early next week and will extend until November 3rd.

Of course, there is a chance that these might be fake as well but we hope they are not.



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