NeoGAF shuttered following sexual assault allegation

NeoGAF shuttered following sexual assault allegation

Things got dicey earlier in the week when allegations of sexual assault were made against site owner Tyler "Evilore" Malka over Facebook.

One of the biggest gaming communities, NeoGAF has been offline the entire weekend ever since the site's owner was accused of sexual harassment and the moderators walked out. While she initially didn't name Malka, she followed up with a comment reading "Google Evilore", which is his NeoGAF handle. In 2012, Malka wrote about a trip to Spain in which he grabbed a woman after buying her a drink.

A popular video game forum, NeoGAF counts industry figures as members and part of its community.

At the time of posting this, many moderators have stepped down and the forum is out of control with people breaking the rules. Many of them are asking for a ban and leaving the site en masse. NeoGAF is a public forum but it has strict moderation and registration requirements, which has invited criticism of heavy-handedness or censorship in the past. The site is now unavailable, however, following an accusation against owner Tyler Malka regarding an alleged sexual assault against film director Ima Leupp during a trip two years ago. Following these allegations NeoGAF went offline for "scheduled maintenance", though the site continues to display a 502 Gateway Error to those who try to access it.

NeoGAF launched in 2004 as a spinoff of the Gaming-Age Forums, and it's become a major source of leaks and insider knowledge - as well as meticulously constructed hoaxes - in the gaming world. Apparently NeoGAF is preparing a statement about the controversy but so far has issued nada.



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