Motorola announces Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa for Moto Z

Motorola Moto Mod with Alexa speaker will arrive in November, priced at $149.99

The virtual assistant can also set your smart appliances (lights, thermostat, entertainment systems), arrange for a ride via Lyft, and much more. Rs. 9,700). It can be snapped onto the Moto Z smartphone to get its dedicated speaker. If you are anxious about battery life, the mod will have a 15-hour built-in battery that will keep your phone alive while you have a conversation with Alexa, it also has a dock-like design that is meant to be used on your nightstand. If you own a Moto Z, this is the accessory that is always ready to make your day go smoothly.

Amazon's Alexa is making its way to the Moto Z phones by way of a new Moto Mod.

Motorola has said they're not giving up their modular design for Moto Mods anytime soon and unlike LG, they are continuing to pump out more mods for their customers.

The speaker is created to work in a "dock" mode when you're charging the phone on your nightstand overnight, tilting the phone slightly so you can see the display.

Unfortunately, this Moto Mod doesn't come cheap. Today, the company has announced another speaker Moto Mod but this one is smart since it has Amazon Alexa built into it.

Remember that the Smart Speaker Moto Mod can be used only when there is a compatible smartphone. That's really the only difference between the Amazon Prime Exclusive Moto X4 and the regular Moto X4, which Amazon sells both models. Even though it supports all major carriers in the USA, it won't work on Project Fi. Motorola will begin distributing it in the United States, as well as making it available in markets where Alexa is available in November.



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