Martavis Bryant Demoted To Scout Team; Won't Play Sunday Against Lions

Martavis Bryant Demoted To Scout Team; Won't Play Sunday Against Lions

Bryant wants to be more involved in the Steelers' offense, but it doesn't sound like he's going to get what he wants this week.

While the trio of stars have put up some big numbers this season, the Steelers quarterback admitted that he needs to get wide receiver Martavis Bryant in on the action as well. Early in practice, when Pittsburgh typically goes through individual drills, Smith-Schuster said, Bryant showed him how to spin the ball onto the ground, keeping it rotating upright on its own moments after a catch.

Given a few days to cool off, Bryant instead doubled down, even though coach Mike Tomlin called Bryant's comments "out of bounds". "Me and him are brothers". This past weekend, JuJu did receive seven more snaps than Martavis at 24-to-17 (per Pro Football Focus' Nathan Jahnke).

Bryant said he was informed he isn't playing against the Lions because of "social media". If he's still around following Pittsburgh's bye week, Bryant will press forward.

"If I'm not traded I'm going to work my butt off here, and whatever happens happens", he said, per Fowler. "I'm just going to be quiet and let everything fall into place". "I don't have beef with nobody in here", Bryant said.

However, my bet is that Tomlin meant what he said when Bryant isn't going anywhere-including on the field. The league deadline is October 31.

Smith-Schuster said he's seen Antonio Brown and other players hold the ball out in front of them, signaling a first down, then dropping it after getting their team a new set of downs and is considering adopting a different celebration.

What kind of teammate he is: "I'm a great teammate. As far as me wanting to and me going out and doing the things I need to do, I did them all". I feel bad about the distractions but at the same time what's done is done.



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