M&M's are California's most popular Halloween candy

M&M's are California's most popular Halloween candy

Up in Alaska, they enjoy Twix the most, while IL goes for Sour Patch Kids. Reese's is new to Illinois' top three list, while Sour Patch Kids replaced Kit Kat as the No. 1 treat.

The company analyzed ten years (2007-2016) of sales data to determine the popular sweets based on the number of pounds sold.

In total, we looked at 45 candies and accounted for their calories, fat, sugar, and protein content. Candies that were lower in sugar, fat, and calories while higher in protein ranked more positively than candies higher in sugar, fat, and calories and lower in protein.

If elementary school health class and pop culture have taught us one thing about dental care, it's that candy rots our teeth.

The key to bargains may just be buying your candy in bulk online. Take the hit, get rid of the candy corn, and get a superior candy for the kids this year.

By this point in the year, you've probably caved and bought some Halloween candy.

But to have it be your FAVORITE? Candy corn is what you eat after having eaten all the other delectable candy options.

Alabama, Idaho, Michigan, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and SC, I'm disgusted with you.

My home state of Pennsylvania also embarrasses me by ranking M&Ms and Skittles #1 and #2. Like Idaho's second favorite candy, Starbursts, or our third favorite candy, Reese's Cups.

Virginia has a history of loving Hot Tamales but that candy fell to second place this year, and was replaced by Snickers!



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