Leading offshore law firm confirms hack

Super-rich fear their financial details will be exposed following Bermuda cyber hack

Appleby - based in Bermuda but has offices in many tax havens - released a statement last night suggesting that it is now in the process of warning its clients and how their financial details could be potentially exposed publicly.

However, the incident comes around 18 months after a huge volume of highly sensitive data was stolen from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca, exposing the private financial dealings of the super-rich and world leaders including Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

Bermuda-based Appleby only admitted it had suffered the breach - which actually happened a year ago - after a group of journos from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), who had seen the leaked information, began asking awkward questions.

Without specifying, Appleby said it had taken the allegations "extremely seriously" and after investigating the claims itself concluded "there is no evidence of any wrongdoing, either on the part of ourselves or our clients".

Some of the world's richest people could have their financial records revealed after hackers targeted a major offshore firm, it emerged last night.

The journalists were sent copies of some leaked data that made "allegations" against "our business and the business conducted by some of our clients", Appleby wrote.

Appleby said: "We are an offshore law firm who advises clients on legitimate and lawful ways to conduct their business".

"We are committed to protecting our clients' data and we have reviewed our cyber security and data access arrangements following a data security incident previous year which involved some of our data being compromised", Appleby wrote.

It said that "a global consortium of Left-leaning media organisations is preparing to release the information in the coming days".

While strenuously denying any wrongdoing or illegal activity, the law firm said that it was not "infallible".

Appleby, which also has offices in Jersey, Mauritius and Seychelles and counts UHNWs and FTSE 100 companies as clients, admits that some of its clients" data was indeed "compromised' in the security breach. Where we find that mistakes have happened we act quickly to put things right and we make the necessary notifications to the relevant authorities.

While Panama Papers resulted in the leak of over 11.5 million documents from over 200,000 offshore firms, Bermuda Hack is unlikely to cause such a massive leak or the subsequent scandals.

In the United Kingdom, the list of high-profile names named in the revelations included former prime minister David Cameron, actor Emma Watson, pictured above, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson and music and entertainment mogul Simon Cowell.

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