Laura Dern reveals she was sexually assaulted at age 14

Beloved Hollywood deity Laura Dern showed up on Ellen yesterday to talk about - among other things - her role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which opens in two months and which last week released its full-length trailer to porg-loving delight of Star Wars fans everywhere. Now Dern is looking to change that up with an Instagram post featuring a new photo of Holdo, who she discussed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Although Dern remained tight-lipped about particular character details, she did tell Ellen DeGeneres what it was like working on the forthcoming Star Wars film.

She explained of the realization: 'It was an extraordinary experience to have this shared space and a tribe of women and artists talking about this industry, and ultimately therefore talking about sexual harassment in the workplace.

While we don't have any solid word on that point, Laura Dern, the actress who plays Holdo (you may also recognize her from Jurassic Park and the new Twin Peaks season), has let slip that we might be seeing the Admiral take part in a blaster-filled shoot out at some point in the upcoming movie. That was harassment. That was assault. When she was 17, Ladd says she was asked to have a drink with Cohn where he proceeded to grope her inner thigh, according to The Los Angeles Times.

"You realise how in our culture we have justified, and therefore even condoned behaviour, as though it's the norm".

"It was my mum who said, "No, no, no, Laura, that was sexual assault; that was harassment; that was assault; you were 14 then".

Several famous faces shared their stories at the Hollywood event after dozens of women accused film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and rape in recent weeks. "And I felt very moved by people being honest and direct".



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