Kyrie Irving touts Boston as 'real, live sports city'

Kyrie Irving touts Boston as 'real, live sports city'

"It's exciting to be back on the East Coast", Irving said.

When the Boston Celtics open the National Basketball Association season next week, it will be at the defending Eastern Conference champions and Irving's old team.

It's apparent Irving experienced a falling out with James, even if he won't explicitly say it. Irving says he didn't consult James about leaving Cleveland and hasn't spoken to him since the trade.

The difference between Boston and Cleveland is practically night and day. "You get it all, especially in Boston", Irving told reporters.

Kyrie Irving isn't being subtle: He wants you to know that Cleveland is a bad city, and Boston is better. The one from which he demanded a trade and then ended up in a place he calls "a real, live sports city". Irving would go on to talk about the differences in culture and food and people - obvious facts.

But in a city like Cleveland, the small market factor is always something to keep in mind. And when Irving walks onto the court in his Celtics jersey, he'll look around and see exactly how much has changed.

It's important to note that it's very possible that Irving's words are coming off harsher than intended.

Now that Uncle Drew is out of Cleveland, he no longer has to hide his displeasure of playing for the organization. "It will Always be Love and respect Cleveland".

He lauded Boston and its sports culture Wednesday, just days before he will return to Cleveland for the first time as an opposing player in the season opener. Based on these comments, the decibels of boos might increase.



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