Kim Kardashian reveals serious body insecurities after viral cellulite bikini photo

Kim and Kourtney delighted the audience with their bodies

Kim Kardashian West revealed that she suffers from body dysmorphia, and that her trauma from her 2016 robbery in Paris is far from over.

After getting photographed at an unflattering angle while on the beach, Kim opened up about having anxiety about her body. That being said, the constant body shaming clearly had a huge affect on Kim, who was so bothered by the bikini pics that she declined Kourtney's offer to go jet-skiing. "You take pictures and people just body-shame you", the star told the camera, adding: "It's like literally giving me body dysmorphia".

It's true that Kim has cellulite which is totally okay, but some people edited the shots to make them look like she has more than she actually does.

She added: "If they're not ideal, people body-shame you and criticise you...for people to think that that's okay is so frustrating". She soon broke down in tears and asked her sister whether it was safe to stay at the house. Kim revealed in a testimonial that she trusts Joe because, "He had a really terrible situation where he was kidnapped".

"I definitely was not in my best shape", she said, adding that she started working out with a bodybuilder shortly after.

Kourtney then joked that, after all of Kim's anxiety on the trip, she "won't be invited" next time. "Like, I'm so insecure, I just can't take it".

It's not the first time Kardashian has opened up about that incident taking a toll on her.

Later, back at home, Kim's best friend Jonathan Cheban made a decision to approach the subject with humor because, that's what best friends are for.

The photos were taken and released without her permission which prompted many social media users to flock to the mogul's Instagram, calling her out for Photoshop usage and lying about what she really looks like.

"It was tough rewatching having panic attach & having anxiety about traveling, but I'm so proud to also show u guys that I'm ok now", Kim tweeted.



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