Keys to Victory in New England Patriots' Week 6 Matchup

Keys to Victory in New England Patriots' Week 6 Matchup

Speaking of prognosticators, the same folks who were prone to hyperbole regarding the dire prospects for the Jets were equally delusional about the Patriots, as some predicted another undefeated regular season for Brady and Belichick. Those estimates were based on the team's apparent glaring lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball.

In a huge AFC East affair - the New England Patriots are going to mix it up against the New York Jets on Sunday.

Jets safety Rontez Miles, right, tackles Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett during the first half at on December 24, 2016 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

If anything, the Pats almost gave the game away to Tampa Bay on offense and the defense was trying it best to keep them out of the endzone. But you wouldn't know it by watching Tom Brady play football this season.

The Patriots are clearly the better team, however, they are not the dominant team that they were a year ago.

It wasn't the prettiest game, as only two other players caught passes in the game.

The reason for the downturn has been two-fold. The Jets have scored 92 points, and allowed 106 on the season.

Ealy sounds awfully presumptuous about how much he really benefitted from his time in New England, where he played himself off the team amid speculation that he simply couldn't grasp the Patriots' system or wasn't motivated enough to learn it.

The Pats have gotten rid of stars like Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins in recent years, and they are paying the price for those moves this year.

Cornerback Stephon Gilmore, signed from the Bills during free agency, has struggled in coverage. The Pats been giving up tons of passing yards and points, with receivers running unabated seemingly all the time.

The Pats defense was better than usual tonight.

The win catapulted the Jets to 4-3 and at the time put them in the middle of the playoff hunt. He is leading the league in yards, is second in passer rating and is third in touchdown passes. He's still moving like a younger man, his arm seems as strong as ever, and his passion for the game has not tapered off.

For two quarterbacks who've been in the National Football League as long as Tom Brady and Josh McCown, they've sure had divergent career paths.

"You've got to be impressed with what the Jets have done", New England head coach Bill Belichick said in a news conference earlier this week. Not the most impressive stat line for Tom Brady but the same could be said for Buccaneers QB, Jameis Winston who was 26-for-46 tonight and a TD. The Patriots have given up 16 sacks and 32 hits on Brady.

The Pats are a troubled team, while the Jets have a objective. It took a little while to get things going, but the Patriots offense eventually picked up in the second quarter. As of now, the team has plenty of time till their next game against the New York Jets for Sunday, Oct. 15th.



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