Just For Laughs founder quits as allegations swirl

The producer, also regular columnist in the radio programme The Big heads on RTL, says he is "shaken by the allegations in [the] respect".

The alleged incidents occurred over three decades with the most recent coming in 2016 and some of the women claimed they were teenagers at the time.

Geneviève Allard, a businesswoman who met Rozon on the set of a TV show, detailed in the interview a night she spent with Rozon that ended with her waking up to him forcing himself on her, according to a translation of the Le Devoir story.

Gilbert Rozon, quebec producer's flagship the scene humorous and well-known on our side of the Atlantic for his role as a juror in the issuance France has an incredible talent, is now the subject of a criminal investigation for a case of sexual assault, reveals Radio Canada.

"To all those who I may have offended in my life, I'm sincerely sorry". Nine women came forward with allegations.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre wrote on Twitter that he became aware "with dismay and disappointment. of the serious allegations of sexual misconduct" against Rozon.

Montreal police would not confirm various reports that one woman had recently filed a sexual assault complaint against Rozon dating back to 1994 in Paris.

Spokespeople for those various organizations declined to comment further.

"I think we're seeing a moment of awakening, whether it's the news from Hollywood... or now what we're seeing in the Quebec cultural areas", Trudeau said.

Gilbert Rozon, a giant in the Quebec entertainment industry, is stepping down from various positions amid what he calls "allegations involving him".

Wagner wrote: "Now let's talk about the next one".

Rozon is also a judge on France Has Got Incredible Talent - and Paris broadcaster M6 today announced that they have suspended the broadcast of the forthcoming 12th season of the Simon Cowell format, whcih had been due to start next week.

In 1998, Rozon was found guilty of fondling a 19-year-old woman, but continued to be employed by Just For Laughs.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke out Thursday regarding the allegations, saying the issue of harassment "means the world to me".

"It's unacceptable for anyone to feel insecure or harassed at work, at home, in the streets".

"Mindsets are beginning to change..."



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