Internet divided over Tim Hortons' new 'sweet and spicy' Buffalo latte

Tim Hortons Buffalo Latte

Whether the mere thought of combining buffalo wings with coffee makes you salivate or induces a bit of nausea, one thing is for sure: this is flawless for early-morning tailgating.

According to a press release about the product, it's made from 'freshly brewed espresso, steamed milk, mocha, and bold Buffalo sauce flavor'.

If you're already wondering where you can get your buffalo latte fix (you okay hun?), don't get too excited, as the exclusive coffee will only be available at the chain's two outposts in Buffalo.

It's part of a promo only occurring at locations in Buffalo, New York.

If you'll be in the Buffalo, NY area and are feeling up for it, try it and let us know how it tastes!

Clearly, Tim Hortons think they're onto something here, as the avant-garde meal-turned-latte is being advertised as available "while stocks last".

Topped with whipped cream and a dash of "zesty" buffalo seasoning, it might just be the oddest drink to ever hit coffee shops.

Burger King, which is owned by the same parent company as Tim Hortons, has served both a black- and red-bun version of its Whopper burger.

The reactions to this "sweet and spicy treat" have been mixed. The rest of the chain's latte flavors are caramel, vanilla, mocha, and of course, pumpkin spice.

The company introduced the line-up exclusively in participating restaurants in Buffalo and Jamestown, New York, while remaining cities will roll out the new menu items through December.



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