Hidden Danger: Halloween Head Lice

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With more people going into stores and trying on masks and wigs, make sure you're not accidentally exposing yourself or your family to the nasty bugs. But think about how many people tried them on before you? It's really not a health hazard.

Experts recommend not trying on any costumes, masks or wigs in the store. And it's not really spreading disease. "It's really just more of a nuisance", Sexton added. (Like a mask, wig, or goblin that tried on a lice-infested mask or wig).

If you do manage to get head lice from trying on a Frankenstein mask or Pennywise costume, pediatrician Wendy Swanson says the best bet is treatment with over-the-counter shampoos and extracting the lice with a very fine comb.

Another suggestion is to toss the costume in your dryer for 45 minutes, the heat will also kill lice.

Or wear a swim cap or wig cap when trying masks and other items on.

And remember, the risk of infestation can last for up to a week.

Parents are being warned about the dangers of lice, as they search for the flawless Halloween costume for their kids.

If you act fast or guard against it well, your trick or treater can have fun and not bring home more than just candy.



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