Google Buying Apple? Sorry, That Was Just a Test

The silhouette of Tim Cook chief executive officer of Apple Inc. is seen as he exits the stage during the Apple World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco

Numerous others, like "Practice Headline 3, Still on Wednesday" were seen in a screenshot of the feed which he tweeted.

Dow Jones newswires sent several fake headlines shortly after the market opened for trading because of a "technical error". Yes, that Apple, the one with a market cap of $805 billion, greater than Google's parent company Alphabet's market cap of $677 billion.

Was there a hack?

Neither, it turned out. Dow Jones staffers apparently did that at some point in the past, then someone screwed up by pushing the "publish" button. Before readers realized it was not true, there was a slight bump in Apple's stock price. The first headline was followed by additional stories that involved Google saying "Yay", the company getting 9 Apple shares for each one of its share, Google taking over Apple's headquarters, and that deceased Apple co-founder CEO Steve Jobs suggested this deal in his will.

"The items, which were never intended for publication, were accidentally published as part of a technology test. All of those headlines are being removed from the wires", Severinghaus said in the statement.

"I take today's inadvertent and erroneous publication of testing materials extremely seriously", William Lewis, chief executive of Dow Jones and publisher of The Wall Street Journal, said in a statement.

He also told Engadget: "While immediate corrective action has been taken, I have also ordered a review of news and technology processes in this area".



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