Goodell's wife defends him with anonymous Twitter account

Thurman Thomas

Jane Skinner Goodell, his wife of 20 years, used a secret Twitter account to defend her husband from criticism, the Wall Street Journal reported this week.

WSJ's Andrew Beaton confirmed that Skinner Goodell had been the one crafting the 140-character internet rebuttals - and has a written statement to prove it.

"I'm also a wife and a mom", she continued.

Why? Well, she loves the guy and didn't like the media coverage he was getting on such topics as deflate-gate, Ezekiel Elliott or more recently the national anthem protests. I just may not use Twitter to do so in the future!' Charles Goodell. The Journal describes how it figured out it was her, scouring the Twitter account to see who the account followed and finding-among media outlets, sports personalities, and even Ryan Seacreast-a handful of accounts linked to the high school attended by her twin daughters with Goodell.

The account was deleted after the Journal discovered she was the user.

When the Journal's Jason Gay tweeted out a photo of the commissioner posing with some Patriots fans during a pre-season game, with the caption, "roger Goodell with three guys who will be disowned by their families tomorrow", Skinner Goodell replied, "Why is everyone so immature?" "He is already doing this".

Roger Goodell pictured with wife Jane.

"Reads like press release from players' union".

"Sounds like what she did is what every spouse in America would want to do", said National Football League spokesman Brian McCarthy.

The Twitter account has since been taken down. I have a feeling she'll be back online soon with another account, but with a better strategy for staying in the shadows.

Of course, this calls to mind Kevin Durant's attempt to defend himself on Twitter through a fake account, which blew up spectacularly when he tweeted in third person from his verified handle.

"What we've had is unprecedented dialogue over the a year ago with our players, our owners, with community leaders and law enforcement", Goodell told

Goodell has been married to his wife since 1997.



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