Golden Knights expect wide range of emotions for home opener

Stars Golden Knights honor Las Vegas victims before opener

"We are Vegas Strong".

"Needless to say it's not going to be a typical opener", Golden Knights general manager George McPhee said before the game, according to the Las Vegas Sun's Jesse Granger.

Instead, the Golden Knights and the National Hockey League kept the tragedy in the forefront while attempting to provide their own modicum of momentary relief to a healing city. He believes hockey is a complicated sport and he's happy to have more fans for the Knights.

Reminders of that disgusting night, and its grisly aftermath, were omnipresent throughout the Vegas Golden Knights' home opener, from the massive security presence outside the venue to a touching pre-game tribute to the 58 slain and the first responders and hospital heroes who kept that bad total from ballooning far further.

Keith Dotson, a member of the team which plans the Route 91 festival, was on site and lent a hand to victims and first responders in the chaotic aftermath. Their names were then illuminated on the ice. The Knights are off to a 2-0 start, and only two other expansion teams - the 1967 Los Angeles Kings and 1967 Oakland Seals - started 2-0.

Once the game started, the players kept emotions riding high. The Knights have earned a couple of 2-1 wins, both on third period comebacks, one of which had to be settled in overtime. The Golden Knights will go without board advertisements, which will be replaced by messaging that emphasizes the strength of the Las Vegas community. However, it is scheduled for 15 minutes, and fans who are planning to attend are urged to arrive well ahead of the 7:30 p.m. scheduled puck drop.

Tuesday begins a seven-game homestand, and it's a chance for the Knights to not only pick up some points but establish their home ice as a tough place to play. "Obviously, the city is still healing from the tragedy, and as players we're aware of that".

"I really feel we have a role to play in this and I think our players have really embraced that and it helps to galvanize our players with this city and our fans and shows what kind of people they are". Many of them-- hockey, football, baseball, basketball players-- good people, who do good with their time and their money. not overpaid spoiled selfish jerks like the broad brush some paint all athletes with, though I'm sure some of those exists too. "We're playing for our city, for the tragedy that happened, for all the people that were here tonight and were affected by the tragedy".



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