Goa ATM security guard suffers multiple blows to head, foils robbery attempt

Video Hit by hammer many times security guard of an ATM

Although unsuccessful in nabbing the robber, the ATM guard succeeds in foiling the robbery attempt. However, this thief in Goa did not take into accord the bravery and gallantry of the security guard at the ATM and went ahead with his plan of looting the ATM machine of cash. However, the robber finally managed to escape from the spot but the security succeeded in stopping the robbery.

The thief who had resorted to robbing a Bank of Maharashtra ATM did not take into account the fact that he will have to fend off a diligent and honest ATM security guard.

The robber, who had broken into an ATM of Bank of Maharashtra, hit the guard multiple times before running away.

A case has been registered with the police who are investigating the incident. The robber could not be identified as his face was covered with a balaclava.

"The duty officer kept on calling him and told him that it is a serious offence and we need to register the case since it was the responsibility of bank manager to give the footage". Although, there are CCTV cameras in all ATMs, they do not act as a deterrent to these ambitious thieves. Police said that they have scrutinising the CCTV footage and assured that the robber will be arrested very soon. After a few seconds of the scuffle, the robber manages to flee with his bag. The security guard removed the mask of the thief and snatched the hammer from his hands thereby safeguarding the ATM.



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