French president's dog caught peeing in the palace

Macron’s dog Nemo filmed urinating in president’s office

A recent meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and the country's ministers turned into a big mishap when Macron's dog Nemo did something extraordinary that made all the participants laugh to death.

When Nemo lifted his leg and peed on the fireplace, the various government ministers present were entertained and teased President Macron.

Luckily, Brune Poirson, 35, Benjamin Griveaux, 39, and Julien Denormandie, 37, the junior ministers for ecology, the economy and local government, also see the amusing side.

It is a tradition for French presidents to have a "first dog".

Junior minister for planning Julien Denormandie asks if this is something that "happens often".

The poll also showed than an overwhelming majority of French people - more than 80 per cent - think that Mr Macron's tax policies favour the wealthy and the successful.

Nemo was adopted by Macron and his wife Brigitte in August, and named after Captain Nemo, the fictional hero of Jules Verne's book, "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea". A laughing Macron replies, "You have sparked a totally unusual behavior in my dog".

Macron's dog Nemo got in a bit of trouble.



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