First Lady Melania Trump donates inaugural ball gown to Smithsonian

Photos: First Lady Melania Trump donates inaugural ball gown to Smithsonian

He posted a video of the alleged imposter - wearing sunglasses and an Inspector Gadget-like trench coat - standing near President Trump at the White House before they visited a Secret Service facility. Immediately, people were trying to figure out if Melania might be using a stand-in-the post quickly went viral and has been shared over 123,000 times since it was posted.

Twitter went insane recently over an appearance of Melania Trump.

The Smithsonian exhibit in Washington called "The First Ladies" and includes gowns worn by those who have served as official hostesses in the White House - usually a president's wife.

"Is it me or during his speech today a decoy "stood in" for Melania?"

Well, it is the same man who once excused his wife for not being present at a golf event, even though she was standing right besides him, but who knows?

Twitter user Joe Vargas added: "This is not Melania".

TrumpsTaxes posted: "Fake Melania Trump revealed to be elusive criminal mastermind Carmen Sandiego", referring to the fictional cartoon villain.

Last year, theories about Hillary Clinton's body double began trending on social media with the hashtag #hillarysbodydouble.

A new conspiracy theory about Melania Trump has arisen after the First Lady was spotted looking decidedly... different at a press conference with her husband yesterday.

Clearer images from the day seem to dispel the conspiracy theories though, as the First Lady looks just like her old self.



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