Facebook officially rolling out new 'Explore Feed' to all mobile & desktop users

Facebook Explore Feed Comes to the Desktop

The complimentary explore feed will be loaded with popular articles, videos, and photos, which are automatically customized for each user based on the content that might interest them. To access this new tool, users should click "See more" under the "Explore" tab. The launch of Gameroom, Marketplace, Live videos and more are just few of the many addition the social networking giant is engaging to ensure its platform maintains the lead.

On Wednesday, The Next Web's director of social media Matt Navarra found out that the Explore Feed feature of the social networking site has already arrived on Facebook's desktop site.

Both are depressing places to have to scroll through, and while Facebook has done its best to ideal the algorithm that decides what ultimately appears on a news feed, users don't always see the content they'd like to see.

"The company's tests of an alternative News Feed dubbed the "Explore" Feed have progressed to a full rollout, the company now confirms". Facebook has now rolled out this new feature to meet the needs of its users who want a hassle-free way to explore relevant content from pages they have not connected.

The Explore Feed can be accessed from the menu on the left hand side of the desktop, under the "Explore" tab.

In both the cases, the new Explore Feed option is hidden among a list of other options such as Moments, Pages, Events, Jobs, Recommendations, etc.

What it will do is add posts from various sources, not necessarily from people or pages you follow. The posts they will find in this feed are from companies, media sites, publishers and news organizations that they do not follow. The content will be based on those topics that you have liked previously or the ones those are popular among your friends. Instead the content will be served to you via an algorithm. The feature collects posts and information that are very similar to the ones that users already liked in their News Feed.

I don't believe any of the same content has also surfaced on my News Feed and, somewhat unexpectedly, I'm yet to see an advert on Explore.



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