Donald Trump Takes Victory Lap On 'Hannity' In Feud With NFL

Hannity was fired from KCSB the University of California's radio station after the controversial segment in 1989

Trump, who has excoriated NFL players for disrespecting the flag during the national anthem, openly questioned why a the bugle sound of "Retreat" was playing in the background, according to the military publication Task and goal. "They could stop [crime] if they were allowed to do their jobs".

Trump laughably blamed Democrats for the exorbitantly high murder rates. "This is their rule".

President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that, "in a sense", gains made by private financial markets reduce the national debt.

"As you know, the last eight years, [the federal government] borrowed more than it did in the whole history of our country", Trump said.

Speaking to his pal Sean Hannity on Fox News, Trump said, "The country-we took it over and owed over $20 trillion", referring to the national debt. "So, you can say in one sense we're really increasing values; and maybe in a sense we're reducing debt". "So, they borrowed more than $10 trillion dollars, right?" "But we're very honored by it". "And we're very, very happy with what's happening on Wall Street". Gains in the stock market are not automatically transferred to the federal government.

Nevermind that the debt has actually grown under Trump because "spending has increased and people have cut back on paying certain taxes compared to expectations", the Washington Post reports.

In fact, the president wants to cut taxes and potentially add to the debt if spending cuts can not be found to offset those tax cuts.

But experts doubted such a windfall would flow to workers and said the GOP's planned changes to individual income tax rates would largely benefit the wealthiest Americans.

The interview is expected to cover a range of topics making headlines, along with Trump's push for tax reform and his new 70-point immigration plan, according to Fox News insider.

He added that any team owner who did so, would "be the most popular person in this country".



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