Donald Trump and others speak at 2017 Voters Value Summit

Jose Luis Magana  Associated Press

Americans are as free today as they were previous year or decades ago to say "Merry Christmas", or "Happy Holidays", or nothing at all.

"We're getting near that lovely Christmas season that people don't talk about any more, they don't use the word Christmas because it is not politically correct", Trump said.

"Since the early days of the campaign, President Trump allied himself with values voters, promising to put an end to the 8 years of relentless assault on the First Amendment", said Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council (FRC), of which FRC Action is a legislative affiliate.

People are saying "Merry Christmas" again, he said, instead of politically correct expressions that avoid mention of the Christian holiday. "And it will be red, they'll have it painted". He also said he hoped Congress will give the American people a Christmas gift by passing his tax cut proposal.

Trump's remarks were part of the annual Values Voter Summit, a national gathering of socially conservative activists. "To protect religious liberty, including protecting groups like this one, I signed a new executive action in a lovely ceremony at the White House on our National Day of Prayer". 'We treasure our freedom.

Trump had spoken at the summit as a candidate in 2015 and 2016.

'From my perspective, I do believe this president is a man of god.

Since 2006, the Values Voter Summit has provided a forum to help inform and mobilize citizens across America to preserve the bedrock values of traditional marriage, religious liberty, sanctity of life, and limited government that make the nation strong. I do believe that he's a changed man, and that he's received the Gospel.' She said at a White House meeting she attended with about 25 others including Vice President Mike Pence, Pence vouched for his boss, telling them: 'This president is a believer.



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