Dolphins hire DeGuglielmo as new O-line coach

FacebookThe Facebook post by Kijuana Nige

His second stint with the Dolphins started in 2016.

"Hey babe, miss you, thinking about you", Foerster begins in the video, before snorting the first of three lines.

Later Monday, Njie revealed on social media that she had released the video because she was unhappy with the way the National Football League was treating protesting players.

"He had sent me the message saying that anything that I plan to do or try to harm him with would be turned over to his job security team", she explained.

In another interview with a local Las Vegas TV station, Sherrod said she wants Foerster to get the help Foerster himself acknowledged that he needs.

But the initial meeting was because Foerster was looking for "entertainment".

Sherrod said that happened multiple times, but she never used cocaine. "He did mention he wanted to party", she said.

Along with hiring Foerster's replacement on the coaching staff, Gase has spent the week putting out fires, including a new one Nige sparked Wednesday when she went on the radio. I want him to get back to who he's supposed to be.

A lot to unpack there.

Nig'e said Foerster threatened her with an "NFL cleanup squad" if she didn't delete the photos and videos and that she feared for her life.

Speaking to Dan Le Batard and Jon Weiner on ESPN Radio this morning, Nige said her motive was to expose inequalities in the system. "It's not just the NFL". The inequalities that come with being a minority compared with a white privileged person in America in general.

"This is shining a light on the inequalities we have as a country". We don't get paid the same amount as everyone else.

The almost minutelong video was posted and went viral late Sunday night on Facebook and was shared to other social media sites. "After I realized his habits and who he was and everything going on the system, he was going to get exposed".

After posting the video, however, Nige says she received threats from Foerster, telling her not to even consider sharing the video or any information about it.

The details Nige confirmed that he was indeed doing coke in the Dolphins' offices, he lied to her about being married, and his hard-partying tendencies occurred while Foerster was traveling with the team.

After snorting two lines, he says, "It's gonna be a while before we can do this again. They treat certain people different than others, and that's not fair".



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