Dog attacks and kills woman in Canberra

Person killed in Canberra dog attack

Police on the scene of a fatal dog attack in #Watson.

Ms Klemke's son, Cody Baker, paid tribute to his mother on 7News.

The Canberra woman mauled to death by her pet dog was trying to stop it from attacking her male friend.

She later warned friends not to come over to her house because they may also be attacked.

Ms Klemke's devastated son told Seven News that she "had the biggest heart and always did anything that she possibly could for the people she loved and cared for".

"On one previous occasion [Domestic Animal Services] did attend that household at the request of ACT police... the dog was known to the directorate, and I understand that took place in late August", she told the ABC.

That victim required 42 stitches after the attack.

'Whether we knew enough at the time to have it declared as a risky dog is another matter we're following up on'.

ACT Police say the woman died at the scene of the attack in the suburb of Watson at 3.40am today, while a man was also injured.

Ms Fitzharris said she believed owners of "large strong dogs" had a responsibility for their behaviour.

"Police were directed by a male in the backyard into the premises towards a female lying inside, a dog was also inside", Detective Acting Superintendent Tony Crocker said.

Police are investigating the death.

Police said that whilst officers were attempting to provide first aid response to the woman, the dog attacked police, forcing them to shoot the animal.



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