Dinner drone delivery trials under way in ACT, NSW

Delivery By Drone Getting Closer To Reality

At least, that's the plan for Google affiliate Project Wing, which on Tuesday announced new tests of its drone delivery service with two Australian businesses, a Mexican taqueria chain and a drugstore company.

Image: Wing delivery drone flying over Queanbeyan, Australia. They reach around 75 miles per hour and can travel about 6 miles from their takeoff spots.

"Our drones are able to deliver items nearly anywhere - backyards, public parks, farmlands or even fire-breaks". Burgess said the food was delivered in an open field, rather than a specific location or address.

Project Wing and Guzman y Gomez have released a promotional video for the proposed drone delivery tests.

"We'll dispatch our drones to pick up the order from our partners' loading sites and then transport and deliver the goods to testers at their residences", Burgess said. Amazon pulled off its first drone delivery in the United Kingdom last December with an Amazon Fire device and a bag of popcorn.

"In the case of Guzman y Gomez, who is our first delivery partner for this trial, we'll need to make sure our technology fits in smoothly into their kitchen operations, as their staff have to juggle many orders at once to ensure that every customer is served fresh, hot food in a timely fashion".

The chain, Guzman y Gomez (or GYG for short), was approached by the Project Wing team, which is part of X (formerly Google X), and resides under the larger Alphabet umbrella.

Project Wing is test-piloting the same technology with a string of pharmacies, Chemist Warehouse, in an effort to bring much-needed medicine to rural communities. Drones can also help deliver medical and food supplies to these rural communities when there are floods, or where fires have cut off transportation.

Burgess wrote on Medium that all kinds of people, including young families, busy professionals and retirees, in communities without nearby grocery stores or other shops could benefit greatly from quick delivery via drones.



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