"Diet Avocados" Have Just Been Discovered

A Spanish food company has just created 'diet' avocados and we are intrigued

Introducing the avocado light.

The Spanish company Eurobanan's Isla Bonita brand has invented an "Avocado Light", which has 30 percent less fat than your average omega-3-filled specimen.

If there is anything millennials want more than avocado toast, it's diet avocado toast.

The invention, which will be unveiled later this month in Madrid, is an attempt to make the avocado even more healthful than the nutrition community already says it is.

It said it also ripens faster, and oxidises - or goes brown - slower. It was discovered when 32 different varieties of avocados were analyzed in 6 different countries.

"Now, thanks to the Avocado Light, you can enjoy this fruit at all times in a much lighter way". But the company says they won't reveal the exact origins of the light avocado, because "revealing the exact place of cultivation would be tantamount to revealing a recipe, formula, or patent", it says on their website.

Isla Bonita's diet avocados aren't the first low-fat pre-guacamole fruit to have been promoted.

There are no immediate plans to sell the "Avocado Light" outside of the Spanish market, but a diet avocado called SlimCado is being produced in Florida in the United States.

"The fat that is in avocado is actually healthy for your heart and has been shown to help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol", said Bonnie Taub-Dix, "Better than Dieting" creator and "Read It Before You Eat It".

"So now, avocado can also be drunk".



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