Destiny 2 PC Launch Trailer, Pre-Load Time Revealed


Bungie's shooter lands on PC October 24, and now the developer has released a launch trailer for it and confirmed when it will be available to pre-load.

Bungie had stated that in its first week, Destiny 2 made more than $325 million - which comes out to roughly 5 million copies (including the higher-priced limited edition versions).

Bungie also confirmed on Twitter that that Destiny 2 for PC will be available to pre-load starting on October 18.

Destiny 2's framerate will be uncapped on the PC, offering a more fluid performance than the console versions could ever hope for. Bungie specified that players would need to have a 3.5 GHz Intel Core i3-3250, the 3.5 GHz Intel Pentium G4560, the AMD 4.2 GHz FX-4350 or similar specs.

The trailer, like the game, is in 4K and 60 frames per second, which is the main drawing point when compared to the console versions, which are locked at just 30 FPS.

The original Destiny seemed like one of those games that would have been right at home on the PC, but it was never to be.

You can still preorder Destiny 2 (linked above) from BattleNet. Bungie have really gone the full nine yards to make sure PC gamers are looked after with Destiny 2.

In related news, Destiny 2 is one of the hottest releases of this year and despite the hype behind the game, its retail sales fell well short of expectations.



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