Destiny 2 Iron Banner: Does Your Light Level Matter?

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Everyone that competes will earn Iron Banner tokens, obviously you earn more if you win. In the mean time, Guardians everywhere can keep themselves busy with the Iron Banner event when it launches in a matter of hours.

Bungie announced today that Distant Shore would be added to the Crucible map rotation starting with Iron Banner tomorrow, and then be available in all playlists once the event ends. Not only introducing new loot, Iron Banner also sees the debut of an all new map alongside other goodies. To gain access to the Iron Banner event in the first place though, you'll have to have completed the main Destiny 2 campaign, have spoken to Lord Saladin in the Tower, and embark on the Iron Banner quest. It will run for one week, and unlike the original version, Iron Banner in Destiny 2 works differently.

In the wake of Destiny 2's release, fans praised the game for making changes that had been requested since the launch of its predecessor. At this point, you'll be free to enter the Iron Banner through the Crucible Quickplay menu, with full matchmaking enabled.

The Iron Banner has a multitude of different armour sets, accessories and weapons up for grabs, many of which are unique to each class.

We've tried our hand at the Iron Banner, and we can firmly recommend using voice chat if possible.

Every day in the Iron Banner, you'll have brand new Milestone rewards and challenges to take on, as well as Seasonal Milestones for the long haul.

Complete public events on Nessus.

When Does the Destiny 2 Iron Banner Event Begin? The event ends on October 17 at 5 AM ET.

This week sees the return of the Iron Banner. Destiny 2 Nightfalls are hard timer based strikes.

Recently, Bungie confirmed that playing the Iron Banner mode will once again grant players Tokens, which can be exchanged with Lord Saladin to earn special rewards including some stylish new armor and a range of powerful weapons.



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