Deathstroke Film in Development At Warner Bros

And for those needing more of Evans' work, his next film Apostle is arriving via Netflix, but has yet to announce a release date.

Fun fact: Manganiello was already on the radar to play Deathstroke.

Is a Deathstroke movie something you'd like to see?

We imagine he must have been offered pretty much every major franchise going, he made a decision to go smaller, with his next film Apostle, starring Dan Stevens and sounding to us an very bad lot like a feature-length version of his segment in the aforementioned horror movie.

This announcement does however only continue to add to the growing list of DC movies Warner said to be developing.

According to TheWrap, though, that seems to have now changed as the trade is reporting that The Raid director Gareth Evans is in talks to write and direct a solo film revolving around Deathstroke. It must be stressed that nothing is set in the stone yet. However, when Affleck stepped down from the director's chair and was replaced by Matt Reeves the original script was tossed and the idea of Deathstroke on film became less likely.

The Wrap asserts that the Deathstroke film came about after Evans passed on directing the long-in-development Justice League Dark film.

Deathstroke is a genetically engineered super soldier who goes by the name Slade Joseph Wilson when he's not moonlighting as a mercenary. Some fans are questioning why Warner Bros. and DC Films are continuing to explore more standalone films for different characters rather than focusing on future films such as a Man of Steel sequel.

Deathstroke was introduced in the comics in 1980 in New Teen Titans No. 2.



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