Daimler debuts all-electric heavy-duty E-Fuso Vision One truck

Daimler debuts all-electric heavy-duty E-Fuso Vision One truck

Fast-forward a few months and the Daimler E-FUSO Vision One heavy-duty electric truck is introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show.

With the launch of the electric brand E-FUSO, FUSO underlines its commitment to electrify its complete range of products. This initiative will be backed by access to Daimler know-how in the fields of battery and charging technology, supporting the E-FUSO position as the frontrunner in electric trucking. The expected applications for the Vision One include intra-city, regional distribution in mature markets such as Japan, Europe and the United States, says Daimler. The E-FUSO Vision One has made its public debut before Tesla's own all-electric heavy duty truck, giving Daimler the upper hand at the moment.

Daimler just unveiled the E-FUSO Vision One, a heavy-duty all-electric truck with a range of 350 kilometers and a futuristic design that won't be confused with gasoline trucks on the road.

The Vision One weighs about 23 tons and carries a payload of around 11 tons, 2 tons less than its diesel version.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) is the first automaker to launch a brand exclusively dedicated to electric trucks and buses.

Along with the E-Fuso Vision One, Daimler also has the eCanter on display, a production zero-emission light-duty truck that was recently presented in NY. Range is estimated at around 217 miles on a single charge, although it's unclear what that number translates to in the US testing cycle.

The truck is part of plans by Daimler's Fuso brand to add electric and hybrid options across its range of trucks and buses. FUSO has been a pioneer in the electrification of trucks for many years. Today, our eCanter saves up to 1000 Euros in running costs per 10.000 km.



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