Choose How You Game with Four New Xbox One S Bundles

Choose How You Game with Four New Xbox One S Bundles - Xbox Wire

There is also a concern among gamers that Microsoft might have pushed the innovation too far with the Xbox One X. The effect would mean many gamers will feel left out and that the new machine will gain more attention from the company.

One of the treats were given to Microsoft's fans was Xbox One's backward compatibility, which will equip the latest console with support for the original games that were previously released. The update is far from flawless, but it does exactly what it set out to do bring multiple online communities together.

"There's some stuff we're going to talk about in that space in terms of how compatibility's going to work on [Xbox One] X specifically that I think people will find pretty interesting".

Xbox One S Minecraft Complete Adventure Bundle featuring an Xbox One S with a 500GB hard drive, Xbox Wireless Controller, full-game download codes of Minecraft and "Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1 - The Complete Adventure" (Episodes 1-8), full add-on download code of Minecraft Explorer's pack, 3 months of Xbox Live Gold and 1 month of Xbox Game Pass. PlayStation And Xbox Cross-Platform Play have always been a subject of discussion among owners of the consoles and Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox took a step forward to talk about it. I don't think everybody is taking that same approach to the ecosystem. I know there is a certain view that says if my friends have this console, they can't play with people who buy another console. "We should help developers, not make their lives more hard". "Same with Nintendo. The relationship with Nintendo on this front has been strong". I know the games that are coming for the original Xbox but I don't think we've announced them all. But I think Sony's view is different.

Though we still don't have an exact date for when this backwards compatibility extension will go live, we imagine Microsoft will wait until after the launch of the Xbox One X on November 7. That reason is not going to go away.

Games like Rocket League and Minecraft can already be played together across Xbox, Steam, and the Nintendo Switch, and an alleged error caused PS4 and Xbox One players in Fortnite to play together for a very brief period of time.



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