Carjacking in South Africa at its worst level in a decade

Biggest increased to biggest decreased crimes stats from April 2016 – March 2017

Just hours after Police Minister Fikile Mbalula announced the latest national crime stats on Tuesday‚ another incident to be added to next year's statistics took place in La Lucia‚ northern Durban. "We are looking at tactical deployments and them [SANDF] being led by South African Police Service". It warned the residents to expect a further increase in violent crimes.

She said these had increased for the fifth year running.

DA leader in the province, Joe McGluwa, says the ANC-run provincial government can not keep the people of North West safe, as this is one of three provinces that has seen a rise in crime statistics.

"I know we are a constitutional country, not a banana republic, but what is important is that we cut criminals down to size with regard to their criminal records".

He said different leaders came with different mandates that ended up confusing the functions of police on the ground - the very people who were supposed to execute the crime prevention strategy.

"I am aware that crime involves high emotions, rightly so".

"Human rights do not apply to a person who has chosen to be a criminal".

These cases related to arrests for the illegal possession of guns and ammunition‚ driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol‚ drug-related crimes and people arrested for sexual offences.

Although there was a decrease in overall crime, with police working under tough conditions, Mbalula said the men and women in blue were being let down by management.

"In essence, the statistics that matter, if we are to restore public confidence and trust in our police, are those of resolving reported crimes".

ANC caucus spokesperson Nonceba Mhlauli said the party was optimistic because of the 4% drop in rapes reported in 2016-17, compared with the previous year; the decline in contact crime by 3.3% and the 6.7% drop in assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm.



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