Cardi B kicked out of 'racist' hotel over disturbance, smell of marijuana

Cardi B Booted From Hotel Calls Staff 'Racist Motherf******'

"Albany is known for being racist", she began in one video.

A few hours later, however, Cardi B took to social media again to say that her posts were an overreaction and that she and Offset are back together.

The video of the incident clearly records Cardi calling someone on the staff a "racist motherf*****" before she bounces with her camp.

In related news, it appears Cardi B briefly broke up with her boyfriend Offsett before she quickly reconciled with him after saying on an Instagram post that she overreacted on Saturday. "And I really experienced that shit yesterday".

"The floor that I was staying in in my hotel room, it smelled like weed".

The cops eventually got called to some sort of disturbance, Cardi B was confronted by hotel security, and after things escalated, she was ordered to leave the hotel, per TMZ. You're not going to do that to me. But the problem with that, Cardi claims, is that she and her team members don't smoke.

"You wanna know something?" I could get, we could all get drug-tested, nobody smokes. "I tried to take a pull when I was around 23, and I was so paranoid I was freaking out. Nobody smokes, especially when I'm sleeping and I'm wild sick". And then they told us that earlier, there was some rap artist that was smoking weed and they got kicked out too.

"The last time I smoked weed, I was 21", the 25-year-old performer said. F*ck outta here, I will not.

Cardi B has lashed out at a Hilton hotel in Albany, in upstate NY, following allegations that she and her team were smoking weed.

The hotel and the police reportedly refused to make a comment when contacted by E!



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