Britain Could Join NAFTA If Brexit Deal Fails

He sounds like he really means

"We can't sit aside while other countries work out trade deals among themselves", Zippy Duvall, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, said during a conference call Tuesday.

Trump added that a "very creative" deal was still possible to benefit all three countries.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - who has steadfastly struck an optimistic tone as his foreign minister began to dampen expectations for a quick deal - visited the White House on Wednesday to discuss trade with Trump.

Coming up with ways to achieve "fairer trade" was "the president's focus, and it's certainly my focus", Trudeau said.

Trudeau told reporters in Washington DC that he agreed with the U.S. president that that the NAFTA trade deal needed to be revamped and that any new agreement needed to "give citizens opportunities to succeed".

In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Trump thinks NAFTA will need to be tossed to make it better.

But there is still some uncertainty whether Trump is deploying tough negotiating bluster or is seriously considering scuppering the agreement.

American and Mexican officials say they want a re-negotiated deal by December.

Both Canada and the United States differ in the climate change.

Further, "attempts by Boeing to put tens of thousands of aerospace workers out of work across Canada is not something we look on positively".

But US business groups have expressed grave concern over Trump's threat to pull out.

"We don't hope it will, we don't desire that it will, we don't believe that it will, but it is at least a conceptual possibility as we go forward", Ross said.

Some observers said that with the United States' demands, it is hard to see how the negotiators could reach an agreement.

"The Canadian and Mexican strategy will be to take a pause", he says, and "allow the USA domestic process to play itself out" with business and farm groups and many lawmakers rising to defend NAFTA. "If you don't have any NAFTA, you're going to see an ugly day for the markets in the US because that obliterates the integrated North American market".

Under current rules, at least 62% of the parts in a vehicle sold in North America must come from the region to avoid being hit with taxes at the border.

Those proposals are considered poison pills by Canada and Mexico.

Still, to this day, President Trump has seemed more interested in placing "poison pills" and renewing reckless threats to withdraw entirely from this mutually beneficial trade agreement, rather than working with our global allies and neighbors to find solutions that directly aids American production and labor. Added Kildee, "We used to have 79,000 jobs in Flint", his hometown, making auto parts.

"Instead of encouraging more US content, these provisions will lead to less USA content", Wilson said.

The fourth round of talks will extend to October 17. In a sign of how contentious things could get, the countries extended the negotiations for two extra days, through Tuesday.

Those proposals include removing dispute resolution mechanisms, limiting trade in fresh produce and introducing minimum quotas for US parts in autos.

Overall trade between the three Nafta partners reached $1.1 trillion in 2016.



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