Blizzard gives a social makeover

Groups support a suit of admin tools that let mods manage invitations, memberships, and the content of these channels.

Blizzard is also introducing player gifting, where users can purchase in-game gifts for their friends. Check. You can even gift BlizzCon virtual tickets.

In terms of receiving gifts, Blizzard explains: "When someone sends you a gift, the upper right of the app will light up to show you that something's waiting (you can also select View Gifts from the drop-down menu under your BattleTag)".

Other new features include a Social Tab for monitoring interactions and chatting to friends. While you can still create private, leader/moderator-only chat channels in, Discord's separate voice and text channels have essentially been merged here.

Also coming to are groups, helping you find and interact with like-minded users, as well new profiles and avatars. "When it's time to go offline, you can easily catch up on conversations you might have missed once you return", Blizzard said about the new feature. In addition, you can set an avatar to better represent who you are online. You can choose from more than 100 different heroes, villains, and other iconic characters from across Blizzard's game universes and beyond. This means you can launch the app and game away without distraction.

It seems Blizzard wants to bring's social and personalization more in line with Xbox Live, PSN and Discord, which is in line with the social-heavy mobile app they released last month. You'll get a notification next to your profile name when you receive one of these.



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