Blake Lively Bangs Up Her Knee in Dance Battle Against Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon explains: Trump news often 'too serious' to joke about

While it's impossible to specifically pinpoint the cause of channel changes, "The Late Show" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live" have gone hard against President Trump, devoting multiple monologues a week to the goings on in Washington.

His show's ratings, however, may be suffering from his decision as "The Tonight Show" has lost the top spot in the late night TV lineup, falling behind Colbert but ahead of Kimmel, with viewership down 31 percent compared to this time previous year, according to Fox News. But Jimmy Fallon, another among America's favorite has stayed far from this and admitted that he is planning to continue down this road.

Perhaps the most lasting image of that interview, and the one that's haunted him ever since, was Fallon reaching over to Trump with a huge grin on his face and asking if he could touch the bloviating (alleged) billionaire's hair. The late-night host spoke with Willie Geist from Today in a clip to promote his new interview that airs on the 15th of October, Sunday. I think it'd be weird for me to start doing it now.

Fallon on avoiding political material: "It's just not what I do". Like most moms, Lively would also love for the whole family to get involved, suggesting that Reynolds put on a matching outfit with their youngest daughter Inez, but ultimately, that's what they do for a living so this Halloween they might sit out on the costume part.

All I See Is You comes out at the end of the month, and we can't wait to see the mom back in action!

"It's just not what I do". "But with Trump, it's just like, everyday is a new thing. It's just too serious", he added.



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