Bigg Boss 11: Why Vikas Gupta thinks he has temper issues

A still from the show

The last night's episode of Bigg Boss 11 showed how Vikas tried to instigate Luv Tyagi against Puneesh, and then he played the same game with Puneesh and Akash. The three then come out of the Kal Kothari and steal candies, but then Bigg Boss scolds them about not caring about the security of others, the Gharwalas then begin to fight them, and Arshi begins to cry when Hina screams at her angrily. Tomorrow, Bigg Boss has something special in store for all the housemates. Vikas who is watching the task being in jail is happy to see the way his team is performing. Not yet over with the events of the previous day, Vikas will ask Arshi to get him two boxes and a pair of gloves.

We saw how Hina had been laying out a careful strategy the day before and today too, it was her who took charge of the entire team. And both the teams also applauds for Puneesh and ends up calling Arshi "fattu" as she backed out. In return, Vikas says thank you and sorry while kissing Shilpa on the cheek.

Bigg Boss even sends candies to the contestants, after all - they've been his guests for over two weeks now.

The biggest twist on Day 16 was Vikas losing his captaincy permanently as punishment for hitting Puneesh.

Puneesh Sharma and Akash teamed up to irritate Benafsha Soonawalla, calling her "kaam chor" or lazy. Buckets and buckets of ice cold water, coloured water, wood shavings and filth will make Team Puneesh breathless.

Later, Bandgi Kalra tells Puneesh Sharma about Vikas Gupta's suggestion to her. So he asks Luv to perform well if any tasks comes up. He keeps the dead insects in one box and all live ones in the other.While he's doing this, Hina is seen speaking to the team members about how they will not give the other team any time to recuperate between attacks - there will be a constant onslaught.



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