Arun Jaitley declares Nov 8 as anti black money day

Note ban Demonetisation

IN a bid to counter the Opposition's plan to observe the first anniversary of the November 8 demonetisation as "Black Day", the ruling BJP on Wednesday said it will celebrate the day as "Anti-Black Money Day" across the country.

Elder party leaders will fan out across the country to notify the public about the profits of demonetization as part of the preparation to view November 8 as "anti-black money day".

"If the November 8 debate is to make country pro excessive cash economy or to polarize ideologically anti-black money campaign then it is sure that the BJP will take this debate forward", Jaitley asserted.

Leader of Communist Party of India, D. Raja on Thursday asked the Government about the record of black money recovered after demonetisation. This was followed by legislative actions like operationalising the Benami Act that had been defunct for many years. Union Ministers, party leaders from states as well Centre and party functionaries will be touring the length and breath of the country to underscore the Modi government's moves against corrupt economy. Demonetisation was a big step towards it. Jaitley said 18 lakh people who deposited money disproportionate to their income will have to pay tax now. The Congress had adequate opportunities to be in power and I can not recollect a single significant step that they ever took against black money.

"They have reconciled to India living with black money".

"Those who have never fought black money were happy with the laundering of it and are dismayed at it being liable to tax via entry through the banking system", he added. He said that the main objectives of the note ban were "to reduce the quantity of cash currency, increase taxpayers base, squeeze terror funding and digitise commercial transactions". "This displays their inadequate understanding", said the minister.

The Union Finance Minister also said that the Congress and other Opposition parties have not understood the main object of the demonetisation. They have understood it (demonetization and GST) that is why they have been giving resounding support to the party in all elections.

"It is understandable that it will never be on the political agenda of their leadership". This is not a one-off campaign.



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