Apple charges around RM1200 for iPhone X screen replacement

The iPhone X has a crisper OLED screen with slimmer bezels matching recent designs from Samsung

As per an investor note from reliable Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities and seen by 9to5Mac, shipments of the iPhone X is expected to arrive on time and in stable supply during Q3 2018. According to the story, Apple is now turning off notification previews on the iPhone X's locked home screen by default.

The lower-than-expected number of available iPhone X units will haunt Apple once the smartphone launches in November. However, things will start to look up for the company next year. Kuo further stated that Apple now has enough supply of components to cover both the iPhone X and the 2018 models. This is also in response to past reports that Apple was lowering the accuracy of Face ID to speed up production.

Remember, as cool as the original iPhone was, it didn't really begin changing the world until Apple let third-party software developers take advantage of its innards-stuff like the camera, GPS, and other sensors.

Overall, Levy believes the smartphone to be "dazzling" and "impressive", with a screen that "will persistently reassure buyers that emptying their wallets for an iPhone X wasn't folly".

While Apple has provided global warranty in India on most of its products, this is the first time that the iPhone is included in the list. So, considering $999 price tag, getting an Apple Care+ insurance policy does make sense, as it's the cheapest way to replace the screen twice with other repairs for the time frame of 3 years. He says there will be "no major spec upgrade" of the TrueDepth camera that helps power the Face ID biometric technology, with Apple using the same dot protector and infrared camera. He said that Apple will only create more supply chain problems with this move, which is something that the company will like to avoid after the iPhone X supply problems expected upon its launch.



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