Annual Breast Cancer Walk and Health Fair October 28

Annual Breast Cancer Walk and Health Fair October 28

Pink Caravan has called for citizens and residents in the UAE to become involved with their programme of breast cancer awareness activities it has drawn up for October. "A computer-aided detector can see breast cancer sometimes two to four years before human eyes can". He will outline the importance of breast cancer screenings and discuss information on risk factors and genetic testing options. They warned me that the lump might be something and I had a feeling that it was too'.

She added: 'It was a grade three cancer, which is the most aggressive.

Jinnah University for Women on Tuesday kicked off breast cancer awareness campaign with a vision to sensitize students and teachers regarding this deadly disease. They said that unawareness is a major issue.

Studies have found that exercise is a breast-healthy habit. She also shared her professional experiences with the audience.

'When I was told the cancer had gone, that's when all the emotions hit me.

People in attendance got the chance to hear stories from survivors.

Jackie was so pleased with her treatment, she now works there as a volunteer.

"We would encourage everyone to visit our Pink Caravan Social Media pages @ThePinkCaravan and find out where they can play a part in supporting our community programme, whether by offering a donation, purchasing a product from a participating outlet or becoming an active fundraiser".

She said: 'The month is so important. They emphasised that the women who are unable to bear expenses of treatment must contact with such organization who are working for it. The statistics on breast cancer can be quite scary to read but there is support available'.



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