And is this the new Taylor?

"Ready for It?" music video on Thursday.

The same clip was posted simultaneously three times Monday morning. In it, she is seen dancing around nude, inside a dark room.

A third gushed: "I'm ready for it. Taylor Swift is getting bigger and bigger!"

The pop star just announced that a brand new music video is on the way!

"Can't wait for everyone to praise #TaylorSwift for being naked in her #ReadyForItMusicVideo after giving #MileyCyrus s**t about it for years", a Twitter user replied.

Naked cyber Taylor walks down a sleek metallic hallway, lightning flashes throughout as she breaks out of a glass cage, shooting electricity from her fingers before being chased by a group of the cyborgs.

The clip is rife with haunting, futuristic visuals that really cement the whole "old Taylor is Dead" thing.

Taylor recently made headlines after releasing second single Gorgeous, from her eagerly-anticipated album, Reputation.

Whatever way, she is covered in black lines all over her body as she turns into the modern-day robot.

Formerly known as the princess of pop, Swift has finally let her guard down and debuted a new, much more risqué look.



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