American Airlines flight cancelled after equipment catches fire

During loading of American Airlines flight 192 from Hong Kong to Los Angeles today, a cargo loader caught fire next to the aircraft, injuring a ground worker.

The incident took place right before a cargo pallet was set to be loaded onto an American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER.

The airline also claimed the cargo itself was non-hazardous, and firefighters arrived at the scene quickly to extinguish the blaze.

The aircraft was parked at the apron of Gate No.42 when the incident happened.

He was rushed to North Lantau Hospital for treatment of facial and limb injuries, before being transferred later to Princess Margaret Hospital.

The flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles was cancelled.

Six injured cabin crew members and one injured passenger received medical checks before passengers boarded another flight for Brisbane at 6:30pm, RTHK reported.

AA is looking into the fire accident, but initial investigations conducted by police found nothing suspicious.

Smart Departure is applicable to visitors aged 11 and above who hold valid electronic travel documents that meet the International Civil Aviation Organisation's requirements.

The Airport Authority said the airlines were providing arrangements for the affected passengers.



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