Amazon letting teens create their own account with parents' permission

Amazon letting teens create their own account with parents' permission

Parents can set pre-approved spending limits for the kids on their account if they want to as well.

Any time they make a purchase, teens will be able to include a note that explains (or argues) why they need the particular item.

A screenshot of a text alert to a parent for a teen's purchase.

In addition to the shipping, you get access to Prime Video, Music, Photos, Reading, and Twitch Prime (meaning you can sub to your favorite streamer once a month, which is pretty great). Though many college students may come from households that share a Prime Membership, the option for a reduced-price Prime Student membership could be an attractive one for students living on their own. This will give kids more freedom while still providing them with itemized notifications of orders.

Tied to the parent's account, the log-in allows teens to purchase items off and from Amazon services with their parents' credit card and Prime accounts. The teen can request the account and the parent can confirm via a text or email. Amazon also just launched a new $5.49 monthly payment option called Amazon Prime Student that lets college students join Prime on a budget. This should work out good for parents and kids.

The parent and child each get their own Amazon account, however, the parent has the control over which payment methods and shipping addresses can be used by the child. In the past, this is the money teens may have spent at the mall instead.

Analysts say by essentially establishing an online allowance, Amazon has found a way to lure in the next generation of consumers.

Capturing teen customers might be more hard than previously imagined.



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