Air Berlin pilot under investigation for 'lap of honour' fly past

Air Berlin pilot under investigation for 'lap of honour' fly past

The pilot, apparently, wanted the stunt to be a memorable farewell, which it did turn out to be, eventually. The maneuver was unauthorized by the airline, and the crew has been suspended.

"In aviation, safety comes first".

The Air Berlin spokesman said the videos raised questions that had to be answered as part of the investigation. It buzzed right by the control tower. The incident is jointly examined by Air Berlin and relevant authorities.

A German aviation watchdog is scrutinising a fly-past by Air Berlin's last long-haul flight to its hub in Dusseldorf.

However, another video of the landing taken from the airport's control tower shows the risky move was actually an orchestrated flight path, despite airport employees fearing it would crash, The Sun reported. Siegmayer said that the atmosphere onboard the plane was one of amazement. None of the 200 passengers on board complained, the company said. Instead of landing, the plane made a low pass over the airport. "Electing to do one if it is known not to be required adds an unnecessary risk", a pilot for a different airline commented.

German's Federal Aviation Office also confirmed to ABC News that the airline had been asked for more information regarding the incident. "The result of the internal investigations done by Air Berlin remains to be seen", the agency said.

Air Berlin, which ceases operating at months' end, didn't respond to calls. Lufthansa has agreed to buy 81 of its aircraft and a large part of its operations.



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