Yoko Ono Demands Hilariously Named Lemonade Rebrand

Yoko Ono Demands Hilariously Named Lemonade Rebrand

Yoko Ono has filed a lawsuit against a Polish drinkmaker for using the likeness of John Lennon for a beverage called "John Lemon".

The Polish drinkmaker also agreed to stop selling the brand past November and will change the name of the drink to "On Lemon".

They were given six months to sell their John Lemon-branded stock, Ono's legal team told the publication.

However, the company that distributes the product in the United Kingdom argues that the lemonade's name is not linked at all to the Beatles' legend.

"All of us involved with this product are startups, and we couldn't take on someone who is worth many, many millions", Karol Chamera, the company's founder, told the newspaper.

Hugo Bałaziński of law firm KSP, which acted for John Lemon, said the company had registered its trademark in 2014 and that the John Lennon brand was not registered until previous year. Throughout their campaigns, John Lemon have used the ironic name to their advantage, and have created marketing campaigns that feature murals of Lennon holding lemons (try and say that five times faster) and advertisements that feature Lennon's iconic circular glasses and popular song title, 'Let It Be'.

'I believe they are now going to call the drink On Lemon instead, which is much better'. "A fair settlement was agreed and the company paid Yoko Ono about £9,000, which is not a lot".

Mr. Lemonade Alternative Drinks launched in 2012 and now sells over 50 different products across the United Kingdom and Poland, including drinks such as Fritz-Kola, Club Mate and a variety of "John Lemon" beverages in flavors ranging from plum to pear.

Lennon married Ms. Ono in 1969.

A legal rep for John Lemon said his clients had made a decision to settle in order to ensure their lemonade production wasn't halted at any point, basically agreeing to rebrand their drink as On Lemon from November.

Yoko Ono had warned the company that they could end up paying up fines of up to 5,000€ (£3700) per day and 500€ (£370) per bottle sold.



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