Yankees under fire over young girl's horror injury

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In 2002, Brittanie Cecil was attending a Columbis Blue Jackets' hockey game when a puck was deflected into the stands behind the net. Major League Baseball should not wait for a tragedy to make this mandatory. In my lifetime I've gone to hundreds of ballgames.

"And I do believe the netting behind the home plate is really important because that's usually where it goes and that comes pretty fast". But the ball is going 120 miles per hour.

The Times reports that this is at least the third time this season that a fan at Yankee Stadium was hit by a foul ball or a shattered bat.

Protection from deadly balls and bats. Often the ball has backspin.

- New York Post Sports (@nypostsports) September 20, 2017Must be so hard for the players. It should have been mandated leaguewide. Yet that didn't stop a piece of a broken bat from flying over the netting and hitting a man in the stands a year ago. "2016? It's 2016 and fans keep getting hit by foul balls when you're supposed to have a net to protect the fans", Galvis told reporters. There is no reason this needs to be happening. "You're not always paying attention and it's very easy to get hurt". "I have two kids under 3 years old, and I just hope she's all right", said Frazier, who flied out later in the at-bat.

Ironically, the biggest voice against netting is by those it's meant to protect.

The Mets extended their netting to well into the outfield foul territory during the All-Star break in July.

New York City Councilman Rafael L. Espinal Jr. introduced legislation in May for protective netting to be extended to the ends of both dugouts, and a hearing is scheduled for October 25.

2day was tuff watching that little girl.I'll be thinkin about her everyday n her family.

Some will complain that this limits player interaction with fans, such as the occasional toss of a ball to a fan in the stands. Yes.

"Less than two months ago, commissioner Rob Manfred told the New York Daily News: 'I think the reluctance to do it on a league-wide basis only relates to the difficulty of having a single rule that fits 30 stadiums that obviously are not designed the same way'".

The unidentified girl, who is being described as a "small child" and from photos appears to be toddler-age, was seated directly behind the third-base dugout. "I think the clubs that have gone beyond what was required have been glad that they did", Twins manager Paul Molitorsaid. We put up a little rule that a certain amount of distance you got to have one. Some shed tears as the young girl was being tended to. Major League Baseball needs to order it done by the start of next season, period.

In a statement to News 5, a representative for the Indians said - "We haven't had further discussions past the extension we did prior to last season". If you say that about this, you're just a jerk. No second chances. No mercy.



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